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Toy Exchange Jemilos Board Games 

Football  Easy to play football game. For 2 players. Turn your directional cards over one by one to move the ball towards your opponents goal. Will your cards help you to score, clear it out from defence or give away a penalty?


Farm Easy to play farm yard adventure run. For two players match swap and collect animals against your opponent to move around the board and get to the barn first 


Pirate For 2 - 6 players. The easy to play pirate adventure game. be as greedy as you can by taking as much treasure as possible before your opponent does the same spin the wheel to move and gather jewels and coins but don't land on the pirate or you'll have to miss a turn finish the trail the fastest


Toy exchange Love a family board game but hate how long it takes to finish? jemilo’s toy exchange is a fun, fast moving, toy collecting and exchanging game that’s easy to play for kids and adults. when your 5 year old says ‘can we play the toy game again? you’re already aware this is going to be daily occurrence. spin and move around the board and claim your toys from the store. Beware though if another player lands on your toy then it gets passed to them. your child’s face will gleam with delight when they steal one of your toys and grimace in despair when you take it back. with special squares on the board that can help you get that last elusive toy or even stop you from winning right at the very end, your kids will simply adore collecting, swapping and stealing toys during those 15 minutes of pure joy. once all the toys from the toy store have been claimed whoever has the most is the winner. for 2 – 6 players.


Motor Racing The Easy to Play Motor Racing Game. For 1 – 4 Players. Chose Your Car & Turn Over the Cards One at a Time to Move Each Coloured Car up the Track.


Golf The Easy to Play Golf Game. For All The Family To Play. Spin the Wheel Hit Your Shot & Complete the 9 Hole Golf Course Before Your Opponent. Watch Out for the Water and Don't Land in the Bunker or You'll Miss a Turn and Your Opponent Could Catch You.

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