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Balloon Column, 2 design options classic or organic.

Classic: 2m height


Organic: 1.6m height

Balloon columns perfect for quick and easy displays. Choose between different column styles (classic or organic) and also different heights. A professional product that can be reused over and over. Set up balloon columns anywhere and easily change when you wish to have a new decoration. There's no need for helium. Inflate the balloons using air and place them on the column also includes balloon rings for a quicker application.

The bases of the columns can be filled with water to maintain a stable display.

The package includes:

1 water fillable bases.

1 water fillable counterweights.

6 tubes (40 cm).

1 balloon stick with valve (40 cm).

6 straight connectors.

1 curved connector.

Approximately 14 balloon rings.


Every part of this product can be recycled.

Balloon Column Maximum Height 2 Metres 2 Design Options


    Please note that our shop is not linked to the website, therefore certain items might not be available. If you place an order and we don't have available, we will call you to offer similar options or refund.

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